Kuro the Vampire Fox Plush



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An Ohayou! original character, Kuro the Vampire Fox! He may look a little scary, but he is here to protect you. <3

Plush manufacturing complies with EN-71 safety standards.


Once upon a time, there was a little fox. He used to love playing tricks on his friends, which made them upset with mischevious fox. One day, a shadowy figure emerged from the forest, and the little fox was left alone as his friends escaped without him. 

When the little fox woke up, his orange fur had turned a bright purple, and his fangs felt much sharper. As he returned home, the other foxes shunned him. He was called a monster, with his black bat wings and hideous purple pelt. No one wanted to be his friend anymore.

Days went on as the little vampire fox wandered away from the forest. Grass became concrete, and trees turned into buildings. He could no longer see stars, only tall lit streetlamps.

The little fox could hear a soft crying, as he turned a corner into an alleyway. A little girl wept into her arms, sitting on the cold concrete floor. She looked up, and her tears stopped. Reaching her hand out towards the little fox, she asked, "are you lost, too?"



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